"A malevolent spirit lurks within. It appears to be crafting a spell that will soon refreeze the region."

To win a game, you must bring specific items to the frozen altars of the boss ghost.

Along the way are shrines, each requesting a variety of goods. A replacement from the now-eliminated miniboss system, shrines do not reward gold, items or cleared space when fulfilled. They instead act as indirect power-ups, by raising the value of sold goods and so on. Some shrines have effects that are limited only to the players who fulfilled them, others affect the whole map.

Boss SpiritsEdit

Item Level Boss Name Difficulty Requirements Guaranteed Loot
4 Ghost of the Compatriots  ??? Oak, Perfume, Bread Train Station, Track
6 Ghost of the Sad Uncle Easy Wood, Food, Water, Stone, Ring, Barrel, Lumber Stout Tower
8 Mr. Sophisto Easy? Necklace , Perfume , Spices , Potion of Life (2) , Cooked Food (2) Elbow Crane
9 Ghost of the Murderous Baker Medium Bread (2) , Cinnamon Rolls (3) , Lembas Cakes (2) Wood Path
10 Spirit of the Mistress Hard? Luxury Food, Fire Necklace, Fire Ring, Chair, Desk, Jewelry Box, Cat Statue Hopping Train Station, Track
11 Ghost of the Great Craftsman Medium? Fire Ring, Stone Ring, Spirits, Metal Ingot, Mulled Wine, Glass, Glue Hauler Home
12 Ghost of the Grand Admiral Expert? Grog, Potion of Death, Dull Crown, Glowing Sceptre, Spirit Shield, Dull Amulet, Rowboat Slow Train Station, Track
14 Ghost of Cougarina Hard Luxury Food, Sweet Wine, Writ of Seduction, Chocolate Statue Emblem of Scarcity
16 Ghost of the Incredible Twins Expert? Chocolate Statue, Shadow Amulet, Shadow Crown, Ice Statue, Shadow Sceptre, Shadow Sceptre, Ice  ???
18 Ghost of LaDuradura  ??? Porcelain Statue, Chocolate Statue, Wood Statue, Ice Statue  ???
20 Ghost of Mister Jones Expert? Pink Flamingo (6)  ???
25 Ghost of Ye Dark Lorde Expert? Black Heart, Pink Flamingo Worker Duplex
??? Ghost of the Dinner Companion Medium? Food, Bread, Ring, Stew, Water, Spirits?  ???

Ghost of the Compatriots and Ghost of the Dinner Companion are for 2 heirs; LaDuraDura is for 6

Other expected loot: Catapult, Fast Train Station, Carousel Crane. Probably the Dinner Companion is out of rotation and the remaining reward is also Train Station and Track.



Name Requirements Possible Loot

Clumsy Jeweler Spirit

Polished Gems (3) Emblem of Gem Refining
Greedy Jeweler Spirit Polished Gems, Rings, Necklace

Emblem of Shards, Emblem of Overwhelming Crystal, 400.000 Gold

Sloppy Chef Spirit Food (3)
Burly Lumberjack Spirit
Junior Lumberjack Spirit Wood (3) 200.000 Gold
Ghost of Elder Flannigan Mulled Wine (4) 100,000 Gold
Junior Miner Spirit Stone (3) ?
Hopeless Fisherman Spirit Water (3) 100,000 Gold
Ghost of Widow Puddalia Chowder , Spyglass
Widow Puddington
Brewer Spirit Spirits, Bread, Food Emblem of Fruit Rot
Burnedout Glassblower Spirit Water, Stew, Glass
Mr. Emo Soul Black Whiskey, Black Bread, Lembas Cakes Emblem of Scarcity, Emblem of Overwhelming, 1.000.000 Gold
Ghost of the Cat Lady Cat Statue (7) Emblem of Stone Refining
Herbalist Spirit Stone, Spices, Cinnamon Roll Emblem of Rubble