Leap Day uses factories to make primary goods (Wood, Stone, Food, Water and Gems) into refined goods. The small factory (all players start with access to this one) has 3 spaces for good to be delivered.  Once all three spaces are filled the goods are consumed and a product is available for pickup at the 4th space on the factory.

What is produced is determined by what was fed into the factory.  Recipes can be found in game in the Recipedia (hammer symbol, bottom row center button) or by clicking on any resource.  Recipes have 3 or 5 ingredients.  To complete 5 ingredient recipies a large factory is needed.  All players get access to the large factory for free after playing 2 games of Leap Day.

Recipies can be very specific (Wood, Stone, Food produces  Flour) or very vague (Food, ?, ? produces bread).  In the vague recipies, the question mark symbol means that any goods can be used in the recipe, but if the goods provided would make a more specific recipe then that one will be produced instead.  Using the primary resources (Wood, Stone, Food, Water, and Gems) any combination of food and gems will result in bread.  If any other resource is added to the mix it becomes a more specific recipe.

Miser FactoryEdit

A special factory.  It can produce a refined good with only 2 inputs but that good has 2/3 sale value. Crafting a second tier item from an item already produced by a Miser Factory will result in a sale value of 8/9ths.

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