All the walkers in the game (flans and trains) follow simple logic with picking a path.

  1. Keep going straight ahead.
  2. If no path forward turn right.  
  3. If cannot turn right turn left.

The will hop onto each other if their paths cross (only to a height to 2) but not if they are going the same direction and there is a delay.

Walkers can carry one good and will carry it until they find a place to put it down.  If they don't have a good they will pick up the first one that the are beside.  If they can put down a good they will.

If there is an option between two choices for which good to pick up, the flan will follow the same priority: pick up items in front first, items to the right second, and items to the left last.

Needs confirmation: flans probably follow the same priority when delivering goods.

Examples of simple walking.Edit

A good simple walk path tutorial can be found at :

Complex examplesEdit

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