The Market is a screen that can be accessed from the main page of leapday ( where things can be purchaced using the in game currency of 'crowns'

Market offeringsEdit

The market offers many things for sale.  Below is a list of the things with their price in brackets and any explanation below.

  • Miser Factory (10 uses) [400 crowns]
    • A 2x2 factory (4000 for 1, +3000/each) that produces goods worth 2/3 the sale price but only uses 2 goods in production.
  • Ice Tomb Key [100 crowns]
  • Standard Booster Pack [100 crowns]
    • 5 random items. 1 uncommon, no rares.
  • Power Booster Pack [200 crowns]
    • 5 random items. 2 uncommons + 30% chance of 1 rare / 70% chance of 3rd uncommon.  No ultra rares or legendary items.
  • Legendary Booster Pack [600 crowns]
    • 5 random items. 2 uncommons, 1 rare, 10% chance of a 2nd rare / 90% chance of 3rd uncommon.

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